Наши преимущества

Monaconcept- консалтинговая компания, предоставляющая эксклюзивные услуги покупателям элитной недвижимости в регионе Côte d’Azur. Мы гарантируем своим клиентам услуги высочайшего качества в условиях полной конфиденциальности и сопровождаем своего клиента на всех этапах выбора и оформления сделки.

Какие преимущества работы с Monaconcept ?

Доверенный консультант покупателей недвижимости

Monoconcept работает с ограниченным числом избранных клиентов, обеспечивая каждому из них индивидуальный подход. Мы, действуя как Ваше доверенного лицо, контролируем весь процесс подбора и покупки недвижимости, подключая ,когда необходимо, местных узкопрофильных консультантов, экспертов и административные органы.

Extensive Selection

We cover the whole market leaving no stone unturned, which means you have access to the full spectrum of properties on the Côte d’Azur. We have an extensive network of real estate agencies, local Notaries’ offices, private sales and auctions, and we are also privy to many off-market properties accounting for a high percentage of the Southern property market, so rest assured you won’t miss out on that perfect property.

Save Valuable Time

At Monaconcept we use our vast knowledge of the market to select only those properties that closely match your requirements, saving you endless amounts of time and resources. We personally inspect the most suitable sites and propose a shortlist of options for you with detailed feedback from our visit, before helping you to arrange a personal tour of your chosen properties.

Regular Updates

As part of our service, we will keep you informed of progress so you are always au fait with the latest developments and confident of our role in the process, as well as being prepared for the next steps. We will also agree when and how often we should contact you to ensure that you are comfortable with the level of communication.

In Touch with the Market

As part of our commitment to you, we will impart expert advice on the current state of the local property market, and help to refine your original criteria where necessary. We also offer an orientation tour to help you become closely acquainted and to build greater understanding of the market in your preferred area.

Price & Negotiations

Our knowledge of the market means we can judge the ‘real’ value of a property and establish whether or not the price is accurately reflected, ensuring you do not pay over the odds. As part of our service we will present your offer to the vendor and personally carry out all negotiations on your behalf, keeping you informed throughout the process, as well as liaising with the relevant parties (such as property surveyors and solicitors) where necessary.

With Monaconcept, we offer a bespoke service based on the level of service you require and the majority of our fees are only payable on the successful purchase of the property, once contracts have been exchanged. Please visit our Fees page for further information.