Residence in the principality

Conditions of entry into and residence in the Principality

The conditions for entry and residence in the Principality of Monaco vary according to the projected length of stay.

For a period not exceeding 3 months:

Foreign nationals wishing to enter the territory of the Principality of Monaco and remain for a period not exceeding three months must be in possession of the requisite document for entry into France, pursuant to the Neighbourhood Agreement of 18 May 1963 between France and Monaco, and to Sovereign Ordinance no. 3153 of 19 March 1964.

For a period exceeding 3 months:

Anyone planning to stay in Monaco for a period exceeding three months, or to establish residence in Monaco, must  obtain  as well as a residence permit (carte de séjour).

The issue of a residence permit (carte de séjour) is subject to the following formalities.

Nationals of a European Economic Area State

Nationals of these States are not required to apply for a settlement visa.

At a prior interview with the Residents Section of the Directorate of Public Security (Direction de la Sûreté Publique), applicants will be issued with a residence permit application form and a list of the documents to be provided, which vary according to the administrative situation.

The following documents are generally required:

  • a birth certificate (extrait d’acte de naissance);
  • a clear criminal records check (extrait de casier judiciaire);
  • an official employment contract in the Principality, or any other proof of the exercising of a profession, or a request for authorisation to set up a business or a company, or a bank sertificate stating sufficient means of subsistence;
  • two recent identity photographs;
  • a rental agreement or title deeds in respect of an apartment in Monaco, or a certificate of accommodation;
  • a photocopy of an electricity bill and a telephone bill
  • the applicant’s valid passport.

Nationals of a non-EEA State

must first apply for the French  long-term visa settlement visa  in their home country. This is not required for nationals non-EEA State already living in France for at least one year.